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Jem Egerton

“I am not afraid of public speaking, and clearly have no shame embarrassing myself in front of a group of people.  BUT that is because I have stood up in front of people a lot and spoken, taught, danced, performed.
However what I am not good at is being concise and clear, when talking about what I do and why I do it.  When doing networking elevator pitch, or speaking at a networking event about my business I tend to get carried away with my passion and excitement and often what I am saying goes over people’s heads because I go too fast, or I am waving my arms around too much.
That is why I needed Esther Egerton’s help.  I thought I had confidence because I didn’t mind being in front of a crowd, but for me it is scary to slow down and really be seen and heard and to hold the space with grounded, calm presence.

Esther worked with me in a one to one session when I had to prepare for an important investment pitch.  She knew from just looking at me when I spoke, what I needed to work on to improve my presentation.  As we were working through how and what I was going to say she tweaked my breathing, posture, voice, and movement so that I felt in control, confident and strong in what I was going to deliver and how and why I was delivering it too, but without losing my personality and eccentric ways.  Esther has a wealth of skills and tools she uses to help anyone confidently share the message inside them.

I went into that interview knowing how to calm the water buffalo in my stomach back to butterflies.  I knew how to pace what I was saying and use my gestures effectively as a tactic to slow myself down and hold the stage.  But mostly I gained an insight into the fact that when speaking in front of a group, my best tool is to know my intention for why I am sharing what I am saying.
It was only through working with Esther in a one to one setting that I had this light-bulb moment that will define any public speaking I do from now on.”

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