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“Esther is a warm and friendly person who provides a fantastic service, which is tailored to your personal needs.

I needed help with my confidence and to prepare me for appearing on a television show. I had never done anything like this, so the prospect was daunting to me.

Esther not only helped me work out the script but gave me techniques and exercises to help combat my nerves.

I can honestly say that without her help and guidance, I would not have been able to achieve so much. I can’t thank Esther enough!”

Sarah Alam – Business Owner

“I’ve been presenting and giving talks for nearly 30 years, so I’m no wet-behind-the-ears, Spring chicken. But neither am I a dog too old to learn new tricks.
The publication of a new book and the opportunity for many more platforms to sell the ideas behind the book – and turbo-charge a training practice – led me to Esther and the Confidence Box. And I’m so glad they did.

By learning the tools and techniques of the professional performer – from warming up and how to breathe to movement and posture, from clear enunciation to the power of the pause – I’m convinced that Esther has enabled me to become an even more authentic, powerful, and purposeful version of myself.
My first performance after a five-week, once-a-week boot camp was a conference keynote. The talk won numerous plaudits on the day, and it’s already turned into training gigs with blue chip corporates who weren’t in my network. Some of that’s down to my message, of course. And some of it’s down to the medium and the means of delivery. Esther helped me hone and improve that immeasurably. To be strongly recommended.”

Sam Knowles – Author, Narrative by Numbers

“I am not afraid of public speaking, and clearly have no shame embarrassing myself in front of a group of people.  BUT that is because I have stood up in front of people a lot and spoken, taught, danced, performed.
However what I am not good at is being concise and clear, when talking about what I do and why I do it.  When doing networking elevator pitch, or speaking at a networking event about my business I tend to get carried away with my passion and excitement and often what I am saying goes over people’s heads because I go too fast, or I am waving my arms around too much.
That is why I needed Esther Egerton’s help.  I thought I had confidence because I didn’t mind being in front of a crowd, but for me it is scary to slow down and really be seen and heard and to hold the space with grounded, calm presence.

Esther worked with me in a one to one session when I had to prepare for an important investment pitch.  She knew from just looking at me when I spoke, what I needed to work on to improve my presentation.  As we were working through how and what I was going to say she tweaked my breathing, posture, voice, and movement so that I felt in control, confident and strong in what I was going to deliver and how and why I was delivering it too, but without losing my personality and eccentric ways.  Esther has a wealth of skills and tools she uses to help anyone confidently share the message inside them.

I went into that interview knowing how to calm the water buffalo in my stomach back to butterflies.  I knew how to pace what I was saying and use my gestures effectively as a tactic to slow myself down and hold the stage.  But mostly I gained an insight into the fact that when speaking in front of a group, my best tool is to know my intention for why I am sharing what I am saying.
It was only through working with Esther in a one to one setting that I had this light-bulb moment that will define any public speaking I do from now on.”

Ruth Smethurst – The Playcation Experience

‘Really friendly, accessible presentation – felt like a safe place to explore confidence issues. Thank you!’

Workshop Delegate

‘Great facilitator and confident delivery – open and clear’

Workshop Delegate

‘Really well presented, fun as well as useful’

Workshop Delegate

“So much to think about after Esther Egerton’s great workshop this morning, thank you so much Esther. I am left pondering the fact that so many of us struggle to voice our value when dealing with potential clients and customers, why is talking money so hard? And what can we do collectively to help each other with this?”

Business Owner

“Great workshop Esther, lots of good tools for overcoming nerves and accessing the ‘sweet spot’ of confident energy.”

Workshop Delegate

“Thank you so, so much for today, I am already applying the technique of remembering past success/confidence through a familiar challenge that arose for me just a while ago!! It really helped to remind myself that I had gotten through a familiar difficulty before and this helped me to calm down and stop worrying!!! What a fantastic tool for re-centering and connecting… applicable not only in business but through life in general… feeling very grateful to you right now!!”

Workshop Delegate

“In my long experience as a recruiter I have known few who really took the time to work closely with candidates in order to help them achieve their career goals; Esther however is assuredly one of those few.
Her greatest skills lie in a combination of accessibility and listening, so that her suggestions have always been bespoke rather than simply the ‘one size fits all’ approach which is otherwise common elsewhere. This was always of particular help to younger applicants/graduates etc who at the outset of their job searches needed the most guidance of all and thus required particularly patient assistance in so doing.
Quite simply Esther has the knack of identifying, encouraging and ‘tweaking’ potential whilst at the same time removing imperfections with a flair for the inspirational over the dismissive – and it was this innovative touch that made her an undoubtedly successful consultant!”

Carl Dines Company Director

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