There are Many Stories.

Esther Egerton

I know what it is like to suffer from lack of self -confidence and have many stories, but I think the one that motivates me the most is this one…
I worked in the theatre and thought that was going to be my life’s work, but unfortunately lost my brother quite tragically and couldn’t face performing any more. I couldn’t even sit in the audience without feeling huge anxiety, let alone go for auditions. So I got my self a safe office job in recruitment and thought I would return, but never really did. I remained in my comfort zone and felt invisible, unfulfilled and uncreative.

It was only after having my son that I returned to a more creative life, running drama workshops for children, adults, and disability groups.
Over time I discovered that whatever the type of group, there are certain things that you can do in drama based training with the voice and body that can develop and accelerate an individual’s confidence. That is where the idea started.

So I went out and learnt from the experts – trainers, coaches, recruiters, scientists, professors, physiologists, writers and researchers.

I have, interviewed, recorded, attended seminars, workshops, planned and collated only to express the most relevant stuff back to you. So that’s exactly what I’ve done. I share what I have learned from those who were there to share and I am going to keep repeating that process.

I am a mum returner and have found that confidence is one of the top barriers of returning to work for a lot of women. I started off with this group as I could identify with it so easily. Not only that, through my findings I found that the next generation really needed help too. These have been my main drivers.

My experience as a recruiter and drama facilitator has taught me that people need help when it comes to confident communication. So by combining the two I can train and develop these essential skills.

It’s over 20 years since I lost my brother and he was an artist and designer that struggled massively with his self –confidence. By setting up The Confidence Box I can help people with confidence issues when it comes to any interaction where they may struggle with nerves and not show up as themselves.

This is now my life’s work.

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